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About McCarroll Bible Church


We love rejoicing in the salvation God has provided to people from all nations through Jesus Christ, and we want to help others rejoice in this as well.

At McCarroll, you’ll find a small, but open and growing multi-generational, multi-cultural family that is united through our love of God, our passion to know him more fully through obedience to his word, and our delight in helping others to grow in their relationship to him.

We are committed not only to worshiping him as a community, but reaching out in service to our wider community through ministries designed to accommodate people with special needs and diverse native languages. We encourage each other to show compassion creatively by using their gifts and resources to show love to their neighbors and people around the world.

If you would like to know more about the way God has shown his love to the world, or know more about his Word, or join a community of people who are trying to live in his love, give us a call, or email, or come and visit.

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